Detangling brush - Green
Detangling brush - Green
Detangling brush - Green

Detangling brush - Green

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This Detangling brush features a unique structure with 8 moving arms that glide through the hair. Indulge in a wonderfully gentle, yet effective, brushing session that detangles the hair quickly. This Detangling brush is perfect for the tender-headed ones and for kids. The flexible arms minimize snagging to give a painless detangling experience.


Part hair into sections. Wet hair and apply desired conditioner, moisturizer or detangling product to each section. Begin to detangle from the ends working your way up to the roots. Remove loose hair after every use.

Optional: Before use, snap on horizontal brace attachment behind the brush at the desired row. Press to firmly secure the brace into the holes.

Tip: For thick hair, start detangling horizontally, then vertically to define curls.


Soft ABS resin and durable nylon